Become a master of Spanish or French in the next 6 months!

The class of October 2023 is about to begin


The 6-step process to mastering a language on your Coffee Break

  • Get comfy: Your learning time is precious and in order to maintain your motivation in the long term you need to enjoy your learning. So pour yourself a cup of coffee (or your favourite hot drink) and relax. And do this on a regular basis to build routine around your Coffee Break experience!
  • Watch the video lesson: Listen to the audio lesson as you see the words and phrases on the screen of your device. This way you'll understand how the language is written and you'll build a solid foundation.
  • Keep notes: Make sure you have a notebook or your favourite notes app handy and take notes on what you learn. By writing things down you learn on a deeper level.
  • Review your learning with the audio: Next time you take a coffee break, why not take it on the go? Listen to the audio of the lesson again as you walk or drive, and because you've already seen the video you'll see the words and phrases in your mind's eye!
  • Take your learning further: We've provided bonus lessons which will help you build your vocabulary further and reinforce what you've learned in each main lesson. Use these audio lessons where and when it suits you.
  • Use what you've learned: Whether you have the chance to communicate with native speakers, or simply talk to yourself, your pets or your plants, try putting into practice what you've learned as soon as possible.

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